This section of the PBRS site includes case studies of PBRS in action, and will give you a wider indication of how PBRS could apply to your area of work.

The PBRS was first used in the selection of sites for the region’s pioneering ‘Newlands’ scheme, a £23 million programme developed by the Northwest Development Agency, the Forestry Commission and a range of partners to transform 435 hectares of derelict land across the region into thriving community woodlands that deliver true socio-economic and environmental benefit.

Launched in July 2003 by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Newlands scheme has utilised the intelligence yielded from PBRS to inform the programme’s strategic direction and enable local delivery mechanisms.

Since then, PBRS has been applied to a range of challenges, from defining a cultural heritage map of the Lake District in its bid for World Heritage Site status, to sustainable housing and transport corridors, sustainable farming and rural delivery priorities to environmental equity and the natural economy.