Welcome to the online home of the Public Benefit Recording System (PBRS ) - an aid to strategic decision-making and investment, and a tool for unlocking social, economic and environmental benefits in schemes and projects.

PBRS was originally conceived by the Forestry Commission and the Northwest Regional Development Agency to assist in the selection of derelict land sites for regeneration in their pioneering Newlands land reclamation scheme, a site based approach from which it has evolved into both a sites and landscape tool that has been used in a broad range of projects. This website is designed to give you an insight into how the PBRS works, how it has developed, where it is being applied, and how you could use it to help deliver greater public benefit in projects and schemes that you may be working on.

The four main sections of this site are 'Approach', 'Attributes', 'Application' and 'Partners and Links'.

i. The 'Approach' section describes the rationale behind PBRS, the building of the system and the partnerships that have been forged around it.
ii. The 'Attributes' section takes you through a more in-depth overview of the system itself, data layers which have been used in previous work, its reporting mechanisms and its ability to be customised to accommodate bespoke data layers.
iii. The 'Application' section details a number of case studies where PBRS has been successfully deployed.
iv. Finally the 'Partners and Links' section contains links to many of the organisations that have been involved in the various PBRS projects.

PDFs of reports and briefings about PBRS and its use are available throughout for you to download and see how you could make the PBRS work for you.

If you have any queries regarding the PBRS, then please // contact us.